Liftoff Labs Core Values

Skunkworks Development Model

We work fast and take chances. Our mission is to forge ahead into VR space, prototyping ideas and rapidly iterating through new projects. We’re looking for stuff that sticks.

Education through Exploration

Every project is an experiment. We release early and often so we can learn from our successes and our missteps, and carry those learnings on to the next project.

Creative Autonomy

We work on projects that we believe in. We push boundaries. We’re all peers on this team, and great ideas come from all directions. We work to bring the best ones to the surface.

Work/Life Balance

We want our team to be fresh and engaged each and every day. We’ll never ask you to kill yourself over a deadline. We build awesome games at work, and do more awesome stuff at home.

A Big Fish Studio

While it feels like we’re a freewheeling indie developer, we also have the secure backing of a highly successful company and major player in the games industry. We share a beautiful office space with Self Aware Games, makers of Big Fish Casino, in sunny downtown Oakland, CA. Liftoff Labs has grown out of Big Fish’s 3 Minute Games studio, which produced the hit series Lifeline on iOS and Android.

Nice to meet you

We’re looking for self-starting developers who want to work in VR. Even if we don’t have a listing posted in your discipline, get in touch. We’d like to hear from you.

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