Moonshot Galaxy™

Moonshot Galaxy™ is a VR game like no other. Play your way through planetary challenges in exotic branches of the galaxy at your own pace. Designed for comfort, anyone can pick it up and play – though reaching the top of the leaderboards will put your skills to the test. The polished presentation and endlessly addictive game-play of Moonshot Galaxy make it an excellent choice for VR veterans and newbies alike.

Formerly known as Galaxy Golf on Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and HTC Vive, Moonshot Galaxy is coming soon to PlayStation®VR! Our name change and two brand-new courses are rolling out as free updates on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

“The game you had no idea you wanted BUT YOU DO WANT IT… It is one of those games that just put a smile on my face the second it started.”
Chet Faliszek, game former writer at Valve (Portal/L4D/HL2 series)

“Oh wow, [Moonshot Galaxy] by @LiftoffVR is Capital-D Delightful! Pick it up for sure!”
Colin Northway, Fantastic Contraption

“[Moonshot Galaxy] is unlike any game of golf you’ve played before. You’ll need to dodge asteroids and use the gravity of planets to slingshot your ball into the right position. Finding a way to knock a stroke off your game is satisfying, and you’ll have fun getting lost in the cartoonish take on space.”
8.5 – Road to VR

-Featured in Made With Unity showcase at Unite LA 2016

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